HR recruitment

The 2021-2027 Capacità per la Coesione (CapCoe) National Programme (NP) provides for recruitment, through national contest, of additional HRs to be assigned to local and regional Public Administrations (PAs) and the PA in charge of the NP. The selection will first focus on the professional profiles identified in the Regional Action Plans (Piani di Azione Regionali – PAR).

The newly recruited HRs will be exclusively employed on Cohesion Policy implementation measures.

This action is deployed in synergy with: the activities carried out by the SC; the initiatives performed through the training actions promoted by the NP; the measures provided for by Administrative Regeneration Plans (Piani di Rigenerazione AmministrativaPRigA).

Recruitment (permanent) will be allowed by the financial contribution of the NP throughout the implementation of the NP. At the end of this phase, the costs resulting from hiring will be charged to the State budget.