Communication’s strategic aim lies in raising awareness of the actions undertaken by the European Union through Cohesion Policy programmes and projects, and enhancing the perceived impact of the interventions implemented.

Communication activities are also essential to broaden the participation of stakeholders, media, and citizens throughout the programming cycle.

To such end, communication promotes funding opportunities, follows the actions implemented and disseminates their results, while ensuring visibility of Funds support with a view to transparency and accountability.

In order to make EU actions more easily recognisable across the territories involved and relate all the interventions to the national Cohesion Policy strategy, the 2021-2027 programming cycle introduces one unified visual identity brand, common to all National and Regional Programmes: COESIONE ITALIA.

The “Capacità per la Coesione” (CapCoe) National Programme (NP) specifications and guidance on its correct use, together with other institutional logos, are available in this section on the Visual Identity page.

In order to involve all the actors in the Cohesion Policy implementation chain, Regulation (EU) 2021/1060 identifies specific communication responsibilities for each level involved. As follows, those required to the Managing Authority (MA) as per Article 49:

  • Launching the NP website within six (6) months of its adoption;
  • Publication of an updated timetable of the planned calls for proposals at least three (3) times a year;
  • Publication of an open-format list (opendata) of operations selected for support by the Funds, updated at least three (3) times a year.

Furthermore, the MA shall support beneficiaries in their communication activities and consistently with the responsibilities assigned to them by Regulation (EU) 2021/1060 (Article 50), which introduces an up-to-3% possible reduction of the funding granted to non-compliant beneficiaries.

Finally, the MA shall collaborate with EU institutions to make publicly available and disseminate communication and visibility material on Cohesion Policy programmes and projects.

The 2021-2027 cycle provisions also establish that each Member State shall identify a coordinator for communication activities in relation to the support from the Funds, to promote networking between EU Funds communicators and promote the exchange of information on the activities carried out by individual programmes/projects.

An in-depth information page on 2021-2027 communication is available on OpenCoesione, the national portal for communication and publication of data on co-financed programmes.