Communication strategy

The “Capacità per la Coesione” (CapCoe) National Programme (NP) communication strategy is an essential part of the NP itself, as set out in Article 22 of Regulation (EU) 2021/1060, and describes the NP underlying approach and orientations, objectives, target audiences, channels used, indicative budget and types of indicators to measure communication actions effectiveness.

Communication approach

The approach underlying the CapCoe NP communication and visibility activities is based on two main drivers. The first concerns the link between external and internal communications, involving all institutional actors (primarily local Public Administrations (PAs) and partnerships) regarded as components of a single “ecosystem” for the PA in charge of CapCoe, an ecosystem that jointly aims at effective use of Cohesion Policy resources.

The second driver is based on CapCoe digital orientation, thus identifying web- and social media tools as the pivot of its overall communication pattern. This choice also marked the 2014-2020 “Governance” NOP communication strategy and is consistent with the digital evolutions involving Italian PAs (CapCoe main stakeholders) in supplying services to citizens and interacting and communicating with them, also to encourage their participation.

Main objectives

Based on such strategic approach, the main communication objectives will aim at:

  1. Disseminating support opportunities for PAs, primarily reaching out to territorial PAs
  2. Supporting communication activities of the PAs involved in CapCoe implementation
  3. Following CapCoe implementation progress, providing timely information on the activities carried out
  4. Promoting participation to collect feedback on CapCoe implementation
  5. Reporting CapCoe achievements
  6. Transparency and visibility of EU support by integrating CapCoe communication into the broader framework of Cohesion Policy communication in Italy

Target audiences

In view of the NP aims, PAs are the primary target audience with major reference to regional and local PAs. All institutional stakeholders in Cohesion Policy implementation are also involved.

Special attention will be paid to other potential recipients of the CapCoe NP actions, such as young people for recruitment of HRs within PAs. Communication actions are also aimed at informing public opinion and the media, and primarily the local press. Accessibility of information is ensured for persons with disabilities through ad-hoc patterns.


The dedicated website and social media are the main components of the CapCoe NP communication blend, drawing upon specific tools to support beneficiary PAs; dissemination and techno-lab events also at territorial level; information and promotional material; media relations with special focus on local press.

The CapCoe NP website provides a link to OpenCohesion, the single national portal for the 2021-2027 period. Both the website and its documents are accessible for people with disabilities, ensuring compliance with relevant international standards.

Operations of strategic importance

CapCoe operations of strategic importance – as key interventions for their contribution to the achievement of the Program’s objectives – are accompanied by dedicated information and communication activities to ensure the visibility. The activities include the organization of local events, also with beneficiaries, partners and the European Commission, and the creation of a dedicated section on this website.


An indicative share of 12% of the NP Priority 4 budget, corresponding to 0.36% of the overall NP budget is expected to be allocated to communication.


NP’s communication effectiveness shall be assessed through a set of output and result indicators identified in the common national framework aimed at detecting and measuring the effectiveness of 2021-2027 communication actions defined within the national coordination referred to in Article 48 of the Common Provisions Regulation (CPR).

Communication Officer

The Communication Officer of the Capacità per la Coesione -CapCoe NP is its Managing Authority (MA).