Operations of strategic importance

The 2021-2027 programming cycle introduces the concept of “operation of strategic importance”, defined in Article 2 of Regulation (EU) 2021/1060 as “an operation which provides a significant contribution to the achievement of the objectives of a programme and which is subject to particular monitoring and communication measures.”

With regard to communication, it is of major relevance for these operations to ensure visibility of support received from the Funds and implementation of dedicated activities by the beneficiaries (e.g., an event) with the involvement of the European Commission (EC) and the Managing Authority (MA).

In order to support EU Member States (MSs), Managing Authorities (MAs) and beneficiaries in communicating operations of strategic importance, the European Commission has disseminated a “toolbox” available, in English only, at communicating_operations_2021-2027_en.pdf (europa.eu).

The “Capacità per la Coesione” (CapCoe) National Programme (NP) identifies two operations of strategic importance that will be implemented throughout the Programme (2023-2029):

Priority No. 1 – Action 1.1 – Supporting capacity-building actions in Less Developed Regions
Priority No. 3 – Action 3.1 – Developing and managing efficient work processes in specific policy areas.

Information on the communication activities specifically focussing on the above measures will be published on this page.