Support for beneficiaries

As specified in the relevant visual identity manual (Brand Book), the European Commission makes it mandatory to include the European Union (EU) emblem in all information and communication materials/products relating to co-financed programmes and projects Inforegio – Download centre for visual elements (

Together with the EU emblem, it is mandatory to use the Italian Republic emblem in order to indicate the Member State co-financing.

Therefore, the institutional visual identity set is always composed of:

  • COESIONE ITALIA unitary visual identity brand (with ad-hoc indication for the “Capacità per la Coesione” (CapCoe) National Programme (NP);
  • European Union emblem;
  • Italian Republic emblem.

The EU emblem cannot be smaller than the other logos (Annex IX of Regulation (EU) 2021/1060).

The visual identity brands within the institutional set are always separated by a vertical grey line. The recommended distance between the ends of each brand and the vertical dividing line is always equal to the height of the EU emblem.

Other logos may be added after the Italian Republic logo (e.g., beneficiary’s logo).

Whereby the beneficiary is a central Public Administration (PA) – whose logo already includes the Italian Republic emblem – only the PA’s logo shall be inserted after the EU emblem in order to avoid duplications