With reference to Expression of Interest (November 21, 2023) is published today (May 31, 2024) on the website of the Department for Cohesion and Southern Policies and on the website of the NP Capacity for Cohesion 2021-2027 the Executive Decree n. 13/2024 approving and publishing the final lists referred to in Article 10 of the public notice, relating to the recognition of staff needs proposed by the administrations.

The following lists annexed to the Decree are approved and published:

-Final list pursuant to Article 10(5) – recognition of staff needs proposed by the administrations;

-Final list of inadmissible and ineligible applications referred to in Articles 7.2.4 and 10.5 of the notice.

For the actual allocation of posts to be filled, please refer to the Prime Ministerial Decree referred to in Article 10.6 of the public notice.

Decreto Direttoriale n. 13.2024

Elenco definitivo ex art.10 co.5 Ricognizione del fabbisogno di personale proposto dalle amministrazioni

Elenco definitivo delle domande non ricevibili e non ammissibili artt. 7.2.4 e 10.5 avviso