Regional Action Plans

Each Regional Action Plan (Piano di Azione Regionale – PAR) provides for a detailed framework of the path selected by each regional Managing Authority (MA) to enhance its own institutional capacity, essential for consolidating Cohesion Policy at territorial level.

Regional Action Plans’ underlying elements are as follows:

  • Defining, jointly with Regions’ MAs, the main challenges related to 2021-2027 Cohesion Policy implementation;
  • Detailed analysis of overall needs and implementation patterns for services, HRs, and training of beneficiaries;
  • Identification of NP actions beneficiaries (territorial PAs, grouped PAs, inter-municipal organisations clustered as per policy domain) and analysis of in-service HR features;
  • Detailed assessment of local/regional PAs’ recruitment needs related to Cohesion Policy, both through consultation with MAs and ad-hoc analyses by the PA in charge of NP activities, and via expressions of interest to be promoted by such PA;
  • HR recruitment profiling and HR allocation plan;
  • Definition of training initiatives for all the HRs involved in Cohesion Policy, including at territorial level, and related procedures and timelines;
  • Specific characteristics of support for Administrative Regeneration Plans (PRigA), i.e. precise definition of policy issues at regional level; objectives and results pursued by these Regions to achieve investments made available by regional Administrative Regeneration Plans.

The construction of each Regional Action Plan was set up through ad-hoc meetings between the NP MA, regional MAs and the EC.

The process concluded with the adoption of the documents during the Monitoring Commettee meeting held on November 22, 2023.