Selection criteria

Actions are selected based on criteria determined by the “Capacità per la Coesione” (CapCoe) National Programme (NP) Managing Authority (MA), and are aimed at identifying and funding effective projects in line with the NP objectives.

In compliance with Article 40 of Regulation (EU) 2021/1060, the methodology and criteria used for the operation selection process are approved by the NP Monitoring Committee.

As to methodology, the NP selection criteria are functional to identifying and financing effective projects assessed as consistent with the NP’s Priorities, Actions and reference Operations.

Furthermore, the selection criteria must support and steer the choices aimed at activating the 2021-2027 CapCoe NP resources towards decisive administrative capacity-building actions in implementing development policies, thus complementing the Technical Assistance (TA) initiatives provided for by National and Regional Programmes. Such criteria also aim at strengthening the actions enacted by Administrative Regeneration Plans (PRigA), and other capacity-building initiatives activated with EU and national resources.

In line with the phases focussing on preliminary analysis and evaluation of project proposals, the selection criteria are broken down into eligibility criteria and assessment criteria, respectively.

Eligibility criteria are general selection criteria aimed at ascertaining that project proposals meet the minimum eligibility requirements to fulfill the NP aims and the principles transversally applicable to all NP Priorities and related reference Actions.

Such requirements inter alia concern: consistency with correct administrative procedures for proposal submission; compliance with applicable EU and national legislation; applicant’s pertinence to notice/call targets or domains; link with NP’s strategy and general contents; and beneficiary’s administrative capacity.


Eligibility is a necessary condition for access to the subsequent assessment phase.

The assessment criteria, specific to each Priority/Action/Operation, enable selecting one or more interventions/projects to ensure effective and direct contribution to the aims and targets at the level of individual Actions/Operations, while guaranteeing the most adequate inherent quality of projects.

The procedures aimed at selecting operations for implementing the 2021-2027 CapCoe NP, consistently with national regulatory provisions, will include:

  • Public tenders (including in-house contracting);
  • Public calls/tenders to select operations eligible to grants in compliance with legislation on administrative proceedings (also via expressions of interest);
  • Coordination/negotiation procedures implemented also via negotiated programming tools, in line with national legislation;
  • Public notices for selection of experts;

Direct identification within the NP.


Selection criteria for 2021-2027 CapCoe NP operations