The main objective of Italy’s 2021-2027 “Capacità per la Coesione” (CapCoe) National Programme (NP) lies in enhancing effective implementation of Cohesion Policy funded actions by strengthening Public Administrations’ (PAs) institutional capacity, with a key focus on such capacity at territorial level.

Institutional capacity refers to PAs’ ability to effectively use the resources available, starting from valuable project-designing and throughout the implementation of the actions required, thus contributing to accelerating EU investments on territories and successfully ensuring Italy’s development, growth and cohesion objectives.

This domain, main difficulties notably concern local Public Authorities (PAs) and their ability to fully capitalise on Cohesion Policy opportunities (primarily from the ERDF) in order to enhance the supply of services to citizens and enterprises, and improve life quality in their territories.

In order to complement the actions aimed at enhancing PAs’ institutional capacity at territorial level, the CapCoe NP provides for actions focussing on improving Cohesion Policy coordination and governance through cross-cutting initiatives at national level.

The strategy aimed at strengthening Cohesion Policy actors, supported by the CapCoe NP, relies on diversifying and adjusting actions to multiple administrative contexts, integrating different types of instruments and drivers for change in a flexible manner.

Drawing upon an innovative logic based on financing not linked to costs, the CapCoe NP mainly focusses on the achievement of intermediate and final targets to increase the percentage, versus end-2020 results, both of the expenditure and implementation capacity of the overall 7 Programmes addressed to Southern Italy.

The CapCoe NP strategy revolves around four Priorities that embrace actions such as:

  • Specialist support through a platform providing a portfolio of on-demand services
  • Recruitment and training of HRs to strengthen PAs in Cohesion Policy implementation
  • Support for local and territorial PAs’ administrative capacity also by enhancing aggregation of PAs and transfer of good practices
  • Establishment of a Cohesion Policy School for ad-hoc training
  • Support for Administrative Regeneration Plans (Piani di Rigenerazione Amministrativa – PRigA) with a view to integrating and complementing the actions provided for by the CapCoe NP
  • Support for Cohesion Policy coordination by developing information, evaluation, and partnership systems
  • Technical Assistance for NP implementation.

The CapCoe NP is funded by the ERDF and the ESF+ and relies on a total budget of € 1,267,433,334.00.