Priority 2

Assigned resources: EUR

(ERDF + national co-financing)

This Priority aims to strengthen Cohesion Policy national governance and improve programming and implementation efficiency within funded interventions.

The Priority scope is broken down into 4 Actions:

Action 2.1 – Support for Administrative Regeneration Plans (PRigA) in Transition Regions and More Developed Regions in Italy’s centre-north and national Public Administrations

Action 2.1 finances the actions provided for by Administrative Regeneration Plans (PRigA – Piani di Rigenerazione Amministrativa) in Italy’s Transition Regions and More Developed Regions (centre-north Italy) as well as central Public Administrations (PAs) aimed at supporting administrative capacity for effective programming and implementation of Cohesion Policy actions co-financed by the ERDF. Action is developed in coordination with the Managing Authorities of the Administrative Regeneration Plans (PRigA).

Action 2.2 – Supporting the administrative capacity of territorial PAs benefitting from EU Cohesion Policy in Less Developed (LD) Regions

Support for the institutional capacity of local and territorial PAs (including several forms of aggregation) located in Less Developed Regions through promotion and development of communities of practice (CoPs) between PAs, pursuing collaboration and development of multi-level governance based on innovative tasks and actions linked to Cohesion Policy objectives. The initiatives provided for by Action 2.2. will enable for exchange of good practices, transfer and reuse of methodologies, as well as technologies and solutions tested in other contexts, in order to innovate organisational and management systems.

Action 2.3 – Support for steering, coordination and monitoring of co-financed programming as a whole

Consolidation and internalisation of the administrative capacity of the national PA in charge of carrying out strategic guidance, coordination and monitoring of overall Cohesion Policy programming and implementation. Action 2.3 will be implemented through a national contest-course to recruit professionals for implementing Cohesion Policy actions.

Action 2.4 – National School of Cohesion Policy

Establishing a National School of Cohesion Policy for training and update/refresher courses addressed to young graduates, civil servants and professionals who intend to acquire and/or consolidate specialist skills in the several thematic areas related to Cohesion Policy, as well as on procedures and instruments for EU funds programming and implementation.